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Welcome to Inkunzi Fencing: Specialists in temporary fencing for:

Front of stage barriers
Fencing for queueing systems
Safeguarding special/restricted areas
Keep construction areas secure
Demarcating backstage areas at concerts
Securing perimeters of event areas
Demarcating VIP areas
Demarcating bars for decanting and ID checks
Dividing event space into ticketed areas

Event Fencing Specialists

Inkunzi Fencing specialises in temporary crowd control fencing for events and shows, which consists of temporary barrier/speed fencing and free standing fast instant movable speed fences.

With branches located in Kwa Zulu Natal and Gauteng, our experience and reliability, as well as our dedication to service excellence has ensured that we remain a preferred supplier for many high profile concerts and events.

Temporary fencing is useful in quickly and efficiently fencing off or controlling crowds on a temporary basis. These temporary barriers have a wide range of applications, such as construction sites, sports events, concerts, rallies or any special event where crowd control and safety is necessary.

Our temporary fencing barriers can be installed and dismantled easily, yet are strong enough to hold crowds under normal conditions. Should a crush situation arise, they are able to collapse under sufficient force for safety reasons.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain excellence in customer service with a continued focus on maintaining long term relationships with our clients, based on mutual trust and common business objectives. We are proud of every project that we take on and we strive towards a culture where employees regard Inkunzi Fencing as their own company, and work as if it is.

Our Mission

We understand that high quality temporary fencing solutions are crucial to safe and effective crowd management. Therefore we are dedicated to providing services that can be used with absolute confidence. Our clients know that all their temporary fencing requirements are being met by a company of professionals who deliver only the highest quality work standards at all times.